4+ years of experience as a Freelancer Web and Native Developer. Strong communication, collaboration & team building skills with proficiency at grasping new technologies & concepts quickly and utilise the same in a productive manner.

How to create an online store that works for you?

Let’s start by assuming that we are living in a world without internet. You have to physically go to each and every place and get your things done. No e-bay, no Amazon, no Face book and no Google. Seems unbelievable, isn’t it?

Think of doing business in such a world. You have a limited customer base and a local market only. You have to be present all the time in order to take care of your customers. This means you cannot concentrate on strategic aspects of business. The crux of it is that expanding your business becomes extremely difficult.

There are few more problems. You are strained to operate in business hours only and so your productivity will be limited. You will need high capital to sustain your business as a constant place, staff, high inventory, etc. will be needed.

It’s extremely terrifying so let’s come back to reality!

Welcome to the world dominated by internet where anyone can start a business. With the use of internet and various technological devices, you can be productive for 24/7.

Today, entrepreneurship is no longer a monarchy. You, me, anyone can start it. The entry barriers have reduced considerably because you can have a start-up even with a minuscule budget. As you start a business over the net, you instantly become a global player. You have access to each and everyone.
And with online money transactions a reality, it is imperative to be virtually present over the web.

Feels good to be back in the real world, am I right?

Now, we all know the importance of being online. Your business can really benefit with online presence as customers will be able to easily contact and buy from you. And for this, it is necessary to have an efficient and well-updated online store.


Choose A Proper Software

There are several software applications available in the market. Many are accessible at absolutely no cost. Make sure you choose one which is easy to manage and satisfies your business requirements.

Simple Shopping Process

People buy online because it is quick and hassle-free. So, keep the shopping process simple and limit the number of steps involved. It’s very important for your customers to easily and quickly find the product.

First List Your Best- Selling Product

If you are selling several products online, it is important that you start with your best selling products. Start product description with the most preferred product and then go for less profitable products. This will be of immense help to your buyers as they will be able to get their preferred products easily.

Emphasize On The Buy Button

You are having an online store and you won’t be there to convince your buyer. So it is essential that he is motivated to buy as soon as he takes a look at the product. So make the Buy button most visible.

Additional Costs

Your customers are wary of online shopping as several hidden costs are involved. They have been at the receiving end quite a number of times. That’s why they are ever-so cautious about online shopping. So be transparent in financial transactions and show all the additional costs in the shopping cart.

Personalized Service

Give me a personalized experience and I’ll come back for more.

You can personalize your e-store by several options. Before the customers hits the submit /buy button, ask if they are interested in greeting cards, gift certificates, and wrapping paper options. Give them an opportunity to write messages in the cards and choose colors for wrapping papers. You can be innovative by permitting them to set reminders for birthdays and anniversaries and allowing your customer to create gift lists for their dear-ones.

Other Features

It’s your store; make it as you want it.

Think of all the things that will make things easier for your customer. You can offer your customers with several features like on-line order tracking features, online customer help, and live chats with your representatives and multiple shipping options.

Strong Back-end

You have an exquisitely made e-store, but you don’t take care of your back-end operations. This can be hazardous for your business. Your inventory, management processing, financial transactions, etc. should be handled really well so that you provide total satisfaction and ease to your customers.

Stay In Touch With Your Customers

Whenever your customer posts a query, provide a satisfactory answer and do it in the least possible time. If you do it, then the customer would be assured that you are a serious businessman and not a fraud.
The problem with online business is that you can never know the customer as you understand them in traditional business. Hence don’t lose touch with customers. Ask for feedback and value their suggestions. Keep in touch by e-mail and tell them about new promotions. Make them feel important and you will get loyal customers in return.


You are not there with your customer, but you can still solve all their doubts. You can make a list of the questions frequently asked to you and create a FAQ section.

You can answer several questions like:

– When will the goods be shipped? How long will it take to reach you?
– What safety is maintained for the goods in transit? Are they insured?
– What are the consequences if the goods are damaged while in transit?

The bottom-line is to do as much as you can to make your customers trust you.

All this seem to be a lot, right? Don’t feel that an online store isn’t your cup of tea. The good news is that you can get it done from others. There are several website development companies who will help you in taking your business to the next level. You can give a contract to a company or even hire professional web developers.

There’s no stopping you. Go ahead! Take your business online.

Remember what Bill Gates said a few years back, “There will be two types of business in the future: those online… and those out of business”.

Contact us if you want an awesome online store/ecommerce website, Let’s Connect 😉



4+ years of experience as a Freelancer Web and Native Developer. Strong communication, collaboration & team building skills with proficiency at grasping new technologies & concepts quickly and utilize the same in a productive manner.

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